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Agile decision-making for faster delivery of healthcare offerings

Corticon Healthcare Infographic Healthcare apps contain many complex rules based on regulations, new studies, protocols, and demographics. And new rules are added every day. The complexity around rules will continue to multiply, along with the demand for more innovative products.

Often these business rules are hard-coded into applications and changing them is a manual, time-consuming process. It can take a software developer several hours to create, test, and deploy just one rule.

Progress Corticon separates business rules from application code so non-IT users can safely create and deploy rules in minutes. This rule independence empowers your team to manage change and create exciting new products—without losing momentum.

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Deliver products much faster

Automating business rules is a serious game changer. There is a strong connection between these recurring decisions and the ability to deliver products when and where they’re needed. If you can create and deploy a new rule in 10 minutes versus six hours, you really can act on opportunities faster.

Reduce development cycles up to 90%

Moving rules and processes to Corticon and out of software source code means you don’t have to wait for IT to create, improve, or maintain decision logic. This flexibility and agility around rules management can reduce development cycles by as much as 90%. Corticon’s spreadsheet-like interface makes it easy for non-IT users to confidently create or change rules.

Rapidly scale systems

Your offerings need to scale to accommodate growth – of both data and users. Response times are critical in a competitive industry like healthcare. Corticon provides millisecond response times and can scale across millions of transactions per day. As the number of rules and complexity of data increases, Corticon scales for much higher throughput.

"[Progress Corticon] has significantly reduced our time-to-market because we can now develop and deploy a new rule in 10 minutes versus 6 hours. There are no other solutions on the market that can do for us what Progress Corticon does."
Carlos Bassi, CEO and Founder, Vitalbox
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Healthcare Overview

Read this overview to see examples of how Corticon can help you deliver competitive health applications faster:

  • Personalized health risk assessment
  • Streamlined benefits eligibility determination
  • Better management of pharmacy utilization
  • Personalized medicine
  • Hospital monitoring systems

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